Shirland Township

Functions of Illinois Townships

By law, Illinois townships are charged with three basic functions: 1) general assistance for the indigent; 2) the assessment of real property for the basis of local taxation; and 3) maintenance of all roads and bridges outside federal, state, and other local jurisdiction.

What are the duties of a township supervisor in Illinois?

The Supervisor may make or second motions, participate in all legislative discussion, and should exercise voting power on all issues before the Board. The Township Supervisor maintains sole jurisdiction over the General Assistance office.

What are the duties of a township clerk in Illinois?

The township clerk shall record in the book of records of the township the minutes of the proceedings of every township meeting held in the township and shall enter in the book every order or direction and all by-laws, rules, and regulations made by the electors at any township meeting.

What are the duties of a township trustee in Illinois?

The town board of trustees is also responsible for adopting the annual budget and appropriation ordinance for the town, general assistance, and road and bridge funds. The trustees are also responsible for approving all town expense and auditing bills submitted for payment by the highway commissioner.

Shirland’s Highway Commissioner is responsible for 20.4 miles of roadway. Maintenance is a continuing process.